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[Name Not Transcribable] aka "intergalactina"
Xperimental Puppetry Theater 2022

Character Design.jpg
Concept Animation.jpg

The Center For Puppetry Arts is proud to present a rare treat as we toast [name not transcribable], the multiverse-renowned mixologist! Only a limited number of souvenir drinks will be served, but everyone is invited to behold the bartending artistry of our guest!

Annika Leisure- Director, Writer, Set Design, Construction, Puppeteer (film)
Jeremy Speed Schwartz- Animation, Software, Actor
Edward Whelan- Animatronics, Puppet Design&Construction, Puppeteer (Live & Film)
Macy Doyle- Puppet Design & Construction, Puppeteer (Live)
Ben Butler- Set Design, Puppet Design, Construction, Puppeteer (Live&Film)
Ottilie Murray-Puppet Design& Construction, Puppeteer (Film)
Stephanie Phillips- Puppet Design & Construction
Ian McCann- Puppet Design & Construction
Hanna Lisa Stefansson- Original Music
Additional Creative Contributors: Lorraine Linkhauer, Ray Pettit, Frances Chang

Featured in ads for the Center For Puppetry Arts XPT 2023

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